Raw Chatlog from meeting 041508 in the SLedupotential Virtual room at ISTE Island

[17:03] You: Hey Es, do you have voice?
[17:03] IM: Zsuzsa Tomsen: no, I am meeting with my grad students at my place. We meet every Tues 7:15 to 8:30 or so..
[17:04] You: can you hear me?
[17:04] Esme Qunhua: I'm hearing myself in yours
[17:04] Esme Qunhua: I hear you fine.
[17:04] Esme Qunhua: I'm not going to be able to talk.
[17:04] You: oh okay
[17:04] You: i could hear you though
[17:05] You: i hear ya, there
[17:05] You: we'll type
[17:05] Jeremy Braver is Online
[17:05] You: looks like it's you and me at this point
[17:05] You: and kittycat
[17:05] Esme Qunhua: you can talk if you don't mind me typing
[17:05] You: as opposed to kittygloom
[17:05] Esme Qunhua: here comes Jeremy
[17:06] Jeremy Braver: Here I am, Here I am, Here I am
[17:06] Esme Qunhua: ok now you are cutting out.
[17:06] Esme Qunhua: no idea what you are saying
[17:06] Jeremy Braver: can't see anyone yet
[17:06] You: okay
[17:06] You: lol
[17:06] Jeremy Braver: and don't have voice, dang, stupid fox
[17:06] Tek Zeno is Online
[17:06] You: walk up the ramp, foxieman
[17:06] Esme Qunhua: Jeremy look for the ramp
[17:06] Jeremy Braver: kk, still rezzing
[17:06] Esme Qunhua: I love this space
[17:06] You: will wait for the fox
[17:07] You: hey man
[17:07] Jeremy Braver: we three kings, huh?
[17:07] You: you no voice either
[17:07] You: lol
[17:07] Jeremy Braver: nope, losiento, amigo
[17:07] KJ Hax is Online
[17:07] You: okay
[17:07] Esme Qunhua: Hey Braver! I want to know how human was unavailable and fox was available
[17:07] You: well at the risk of startng over a hunnert times
[17:08] Jeremy Braver: ??? Esme
[17:08] You: Raven and I were talking and I was thinking I can get into the SA space early
[17:08] You: take some pics
[17:08] Esme Qunhua: In the calendar you wrote that human was available on different days than fox
[17:08] You: and mod out this place just like the room we'll be in
[17:08] Jeremy Braver: Ah, yes, the fox misread the calendar
[17:08] Esme Qunhua: Scott if you are not going to talk can you turn off your mic
[17:09] Jeremy Braver: Braver's not too good at time calcs either
[17:09] Jeremy Braver: That sounds like a good idea Scott
[17:09] You: just a matter of taking 6 pics and doing some programming stuff
[17:09] You: i haven't checked today, but we have 10 registrants
[17:09] Jeremy Braver: As I live in SA, I may be able to save you a trip
[17:09] You: that would be very groovy, j
[17:09] Jeremy Braver: whose cat?
[17:10] You: mine lol
[17:10] You: speak
[17:10] You: speak
[17:10] Jeremy Braver: It may not be until mid June, is that cool?
[17:10] You: very cool
[17:10] Jeremy Braver: nice, kitty
[17:10] You: speak
[17:10] IM: Jeremy Braver: LOL, wanted to say NICE PUSSY, but don't know Esme that well
[17:10] Esme Qunhua: Ok so speaking of kitties.
[17:10] Esme Qunhua: We have been like herding cats, No?
[17:11] Jeremy Braver: Nine people, who are all terribly busy are hard to herd
[17:11] You: so i'm wondering if anyone would like to create a survey device to get the (lol) expectations of the registrants b4 we meet
[17:11] You: could save time
[17:11] Jeremy Braver: good idea Scott
[17:11] Jeremy Braver: I can't do it, lol
[17:11] Jeremy Braver: Hey Raven
[17:11] Esme Qunhua: Hey Raven
[17:11] Esme Qunhua: Nice to see you
[17:11] Lizard Writer is Online
[17:11] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Wow...hiya, everyone!
[17:12] You: i'm reading "Here Comes Everybody" and early on he speaks to the exponential growth of difficulty in collaboration with the addition of each new collaborator
[17:12] Esme Qunhua: Nice digs aren't they
[17:12] You: lol
[17:12] Jeremy Braver: We almost have a quorum here
[17:12] You: wooooooot
[17:12] You: So it looks like we're maybe 7 in SA
[17:12] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Yes, very nice! Nice to see you, Esme!!
[17:12] Jeremy Braver: Good point about extra collaborators, Scotty
[17:12] Knowclue Kidd is Online
[17:12] Jeremy Braver: Don't forget about Fred
[17:12] You: we'll do both
[17:12] You: would love to have Fred
[17:13] Jeremy Braver: He will be in my spot for most of the time, won;t he?
[17:13] You: lol no
[17:13] You: oh yeah
[17:13] You: that's cool
[17:13] Jeremy Braver: hahaha, so is he or not?
[17:13] Unklar Klaar is Offline
[17:13] You: that Scott won't be here
[17:13] Jeremy Braver: are you guys voicing over there?
[17:13] Esme Qunhua: Are you getting feedback Raven
[17:13] You: yes
[17:14] You: we need to double here in text
[17:14] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: uh...yes...sorry, Jeremy. :)
[17:14] You: this is hard
[17:14] You: we were talkin' about Scott not bein' here
[17:14] You: ScottS
[17:14] Jeremy Braver: np Raven, experimenting with not speaking human
[17:14] Jeremy Braver: this is hard
[17:14] Movies1963 Beck is Offline
[17:14] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Feedback...yes, I am...that was why I was hesitating.
[17:14] Jeremy Braver: don't worry, I can't stay much longer
[17:14] You: talking about you now, J
[17:14] Jeremy Braver: oooooo, is it good?
[17:14] You: lol
[17:14] Jeremy Braver: or is it about my flakiness?
[17:14] Beth Kohnke is Offline
[17:15] You: "he's working with Fred" S
[17:15] You: "Oh god" Raven
[17:15] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: LOL
[17:15] You: so where were we
[17:15] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Congrats, Jeremy!
[17:15] Jeremy Braver: ah, yes, am consulting with Fred
[17:15] Jeremy Braver: congrats on what Raven?
[17:15] You: i see some themes in the where we are
[17:15] You: that i'll try to compile at the wiki
[17:15] Jeremy Braver: I'm totally lost here, so I think I"m gonna cut
[17:15] You: i'm gonna pop 'em in
[17:15] You: no don't go
[17:15] Jeremy Braver: don't want to be a hinderance
[17:15] You: i'm a typing fool
[17:15] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: On your new job, Jeremy!
[17:16] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Scott just told me about it.
[17:16] Esme Qunhua: No jeremy don't go.
[17:16] You: no we should archive here in text too
[17:16] You: so
[17:16] Esme Qunhua: Voice doesn't work for me either
[17:16] Jeremy Braver: well, I'm not working for Fred, Raven, working with him
[17:16] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Please stay!
[17:16] You: Best Practices
[17:16] You: pLN
[17:16] Jeremy Braver: kk
[17:16] You: professional learning network
[17:16] You: (collaboration, Profdev, networking)
[17:16] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: I'm getting a lot of feedback when I talk, so I'm going to stop talking...which I normally don't do, anyway, if everyone present isn't on voice.
[17:16] You: Touring/Sharing sites
[17:17] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Just saves my fingers. :)
[17:17] You: Classes, curriculum,
[17:17] You: classroom work (HS and higher)
[17:17] You: where's it going?
[17:17] You: research
[17:17] Esme Qunhua: I think you should tell us what you want.
[17:17] Jeremy Braver: I don't mean to be messing things up here, but I don't seem to be following the discussion here
[17:18] Esme Qunhua: You know what we each feel we can offer
[17:18] You: is okay, i was just typing out some of the themes I saw in the "Where we stand" thingie
[17:18] You: yup
[17:18] You: yeah i do
[17:18] Jeremy Braver: ah, k, makes sense, Scott
[17:18] You: so i'll script something out
[17:18] You: and run it up the flagpole
[17:18] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Question is...is what we can offer going to blend into what this is supposed to be?
[17:18] You: absolutely
[17:19] You: i have no doubt
[17:19] Esme Qunhua: I don't mean to give you more work.
[17:19] Esme Qunhua: I just think everytime we as a group try to make sense of it it gets out of control
[17:19] You: i hear a call for info sharing on how to sell the 3Di to admin
[17:19] You: hahaa
[17:19] Jeremy Braver: lol
[17:19] You: okay, not too much work for me
[17:19] JS Vavoom is Online
[17:20] You: i'll envision, you guys be there to enable and make it happen
[17:20] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: In case the rest of you...the both of you...do not yet know, I will not be sitting in San Antonio with you.
[17:20] Esme Qunhua: What do you think Raven and Jeremy?
[17:20] Jeremy Braver: Awesome Raven
[17:20] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: I will be doing my thing with you from here.
[17:20] Jeremy Braver: Honestly, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm not going to have much to give when it comes to helping on this one
[17:20] You: so Esme is that you on the survey device to poll the registrants as to experience and needs?
[17:21] Esme Qunhua: Why is that Jeremy?
[17:21] You: jeremy will only be there like an hour
[17:21] Jeremy Braver: Misread Raven, sorry to hear that you won't be with us
[17:21] You: his Playground will be going on that day
[17:21] Jeremy Braver: I am coordinating the Games and Sims playground
[17:21] Jeremy Braver: have to get covered for the hour I"ll be gone
[17:21] Esme Qunhua: That is cool Jeremy
[17:21] Jeremy Braver: Sorry
[17:21] You: and he'll miss me, who was going to help lol
[17:22] Esme Qunhua: Wish I could offer to help - but you know where I'll be :-)
[17:22] Jeremy Braver: Plus, Gaming and Learning is seriously taking off and requiring more and more of my time
[17:22] You: but that's okay, he can report out about that in his piece of the workshop
[17:22] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: I'll be doing all I can from here for the panel, and volunteering for the Playground, of course.
[17:22] You: and we'll schedule so he's there for a breakout or two
[17:22] You: yay
[17:22] Jeremy Braver: I still haven't heard from Chris Haskell yet
[17:22] You: okay, well looks like there's room for him
[17:22] Jeremy Braver: I will try to get an answer from him soon
[17:23] Esme Qunhua: Who is Chris Haskell
[17:23] Tek Zeno is Offline
[17:23] Jeremy Braver: Chris Haskell is a techy friend of mine
[17:23] Jeremy Braver: he is good at tech set up and could be of great help on site
[17:24] You: I think we could use some good building here in SL, and we need to make sure we make decisions about where and when things happen in here
[17:24] Jeremy Braver: not to mention the fact that he is an Ed Tech prof with Boise State through EdTech island in SL
[17:24] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Nice.
[17:24] Esme Qunhua: If you want Scott...
[17:24] Jeremy Braver: Scott, I think that any decisions that you make we as a group will most likely back up
[17:24] You: i helped padl with a pressie in Arkansas and it seems like 10 minutes per guest spot was barely enough
[17:24] Esme Qunhua: By then I will be in the middle of my course in SL
[17:24] You: so much so that she ran behind
[17:24] Jeremy Braver: If we have a problem with it, then we should have been more involved
[17:25] You: I appreciate that J
[17:25] Esme Qunhua: I have a number of activities and tools that can be viewed and demoed.
[17:25] You: that's so cool! your piece will soooo be about your course, Esme
[17:25] You: i wish i could take it!
[17:25] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Me, too!
[17:25] Jeremy Braver: Agreed, sounds like a great course Esme
[17:26] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: What would you like me to do, Scott?
[17:26] You: that's funny, in a way, how the potentials have shifted even since the proposal
[17:26] Jeremy Braver: a living organism, right?
[17:26] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: The space reservation for the island is covered...we have the slots set aside, and I'm not scheduling anything else for that week.
[17:27] You: Hmmm I guess maybe make sure we have someone on security so we can minimize any rudeness, be ready to cope with it--it's a big event and an attractive target
[17:27] You: great
[17:27] Jeremy Braver: Scott, I just need to know when to be in the room, so I can schedule coverage for me
[17:27] You: okay
[17:27] You: i should have that by the end of May?
[17:27] You: or you hassle me for it
[17:27] Jeremy Braver: cool, you can have it the week before and I'll be fine
[17:27] Esme Qunhua: Jeremy was the only fox with any longevity when the proposal was written. We three were still pretty new. Alot has happended since then
[17:27] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Consider it done. Also...Claudia just contacted US about speaking here, herself, next week...I will get with her as you requested, but what did you want from her, again?
[17:28] You: lol I would love a page from each of you describing what's going on in our 1st lives
[17:28] You: aha
[17:28] Jeremy Braver: Seems to me that LL is ggetting more and more involved in the Ed scene here in SL
[17:28] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Oh, Lord...they don't want to know that from me...lol
[17:28] Bill Smirnov is Online
[17:28] You: I'm just about to kill off my avi from 2005
[17:28] You: lol
[17:29] Jeremy Braver: I got about 15 mins with Philip Rosedale at VW NY
[17:29] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: And??
[17:29] You: woowoo! I'd love to have here inworld for q and a at least at the end of the presentation, Claudia
[17:29] Esme Qunhua: Speaking here next week?
[17:29] Jeremy Braver: He asked me about teens on the TG and about ed apps
[17:29] You: wow, great
[17:29] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: yes...it was just arranged, in fact.
[17:29] You: did you see the homework to view the congressional hearing?
[17:29] You: yay raven
[17:29] Tek Zeno is Online
[17:29] You: you see, i think we'll have so much fun with this it can't help but be an amazing thing
[17:29] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: But what did you want me to ask her about, Scott? And yes, I saw the hearing.
[17:30] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: I watched it live.
[17:30] You: We'd love to have some kind of chotchki to give to our 30 folks
[17:30] Jeremy Braver: I broadcast it to two of my 8th grade classes in rl
[17:30] Bill Smirnov is Offline
[17:30] You: i did so about a third of it--had students in the room lol
[17:31] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: I came away with the perfect order for a sniper rifle for the Florida congressman.
[17:31] Jeremy Braver: lol, Raven
[17:31] You: and Raven I'd love it if we could maybe have an interview with her we could make available for the presentation
[17:31] You: hahaha
[17:31] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Won't be voting for HIM, I can tell you that.
[17:31] You: ah Florida
[17:31] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: ooooooooooooh...ok...will work on that!
[17:31] You: i have a thought
[17:32] Jeremy Braver has to run in 5!!!
[17:32] You: that maybe with all the stuff we generate from this we can get something publishable
[17:32] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Don't even talk about Florida. Just offer me a job anywhere else with relocation, and I'm GONE.
[17:32] You: a journal article or a book
[17:32] You: i'm working on a song for the Birds session
[17:32] You: lol
[17:32] Esme Qunhua: I'm in Scott.
[17:32] You: to perform with padl
[17:32] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Nice!
[17:32] Esme Qunhua: he he
[17:32] Jeremy Braver: sounds awesome, Scotty
[17:32] Esme Qunhua: hum a fe bars will you?
[17:33] You: she and i have ancient histories of folk/rock
[17:33] Esme Qunhua: LOLOLOLOL
[17:33] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: hehehehehe
[17:33] You: sub "Second Life" for "paradise"
[17:33] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Peter, Padl and Scott
[17:33] Esme Qunhua: sorry Jeremy he really did hum a few bars.
[17:33] You: the audience sings the 'wuh-oh-wuh-oh's"
[17:33] Jeremy Braver: dang, I want the podcast!!!!!!!
[17:34] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: LOL
[17:34] You: funny
[17:34] You: so i'll craft something that's discreet sections with assignments
[17:34] You: and breakouts in the middle
[17:34] Jeremy Braver has 1 min and counting
[17:34] You: and serious q and a
[17:34] You: and giveaways at the end
[17:34] You: dinner after the birds session later ;0
[17:35] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: :(
[17:35] You: that's okay, Raven
[17:35] Esme Qunhua: when's the birds session.
[17:35] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Somebody order seafood for me.
[17:35] You: we'll do it where we can ustream it
[17:35] You: lol
[17:35] Esme Qunhua: We'll bring you along in a laptop
[17:35] You: 4:45 for an hour
[17:35] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Aw, thanks :)
[17:35] Jeremy Braver: I'll make sure to eat some sushi for you Raven
[17:35] You: that'll be a blast
[17:35] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Thank you, Jeremy!
[17:36] You: haha
[17:36] You: i'm so looking forward to this
[17:36] Esme Qunhua: Need any help there Scott or are you all set BOF
[17:36] Jeremy Braver: San Antonio is where I live, so
[17:36] You: even if it's a total catastrophe
[17:36] Jeremy Braver: k, gang, sorry, but I gotta run
[17:36] Jeremy Braver: good talk, good people
[17:36] Esme Qunhua: You will direct us to the best spots right Jeremy?
[17:36] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Nice seeing you, Jeremy!
[17:36] You: i offered co-pressies to 4 other folks in the spirit of sharing lol
[17:36] You: but yes, we need you there if you can be there
[17:36] You: byeeeeeee J
[17:36] Jeremy Braver: Absolutely, margaritas will flow like the salmon of Capastrano
[17:36] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Who, Scott?
[17:37] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: ooooooh...margaritas!
[17:37] You: jeremy has a baby delivery to attend to that week lol
[17:37] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: I just may have to walk to TX for that!
[17:37] Jeremy Braver: SA margarits ROCK!!!!
[17:37] Jeremy Braver: "s right Scotty, I'll need a drink by then
[17:37] You: padl, professor merryman, Gia, Knowclue, ummmm
[17:37] You: JS Vavoom
[17:37] Esme Qunhua: my fave - margaritas
[17:37] Jeremy Braver: baby #3 is due 6 days before
[17:37] You: haha
[17:37] You: rofl
[17:37] Esme Qunhua: WOW
[17:37] Jeremy Braver: alright, gotta scoot my boots
[17:38] Esme Qunhua: you been a busy boy
[17:38] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: Take care, Jeremy!
[17:38] You: will name her Secondlife
[17:38] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: lolol
[17:38] Jeremy Braver: Bye gang, good to see you
[17:38] Esme Qunhua: lol
[17:38] Esme Qunhua: bye
[17:38] You: huggerz from Nashville!
[17:38] You: you old fox you
[17:38] Jeremy Braver: His name will be Roller Koester
[17:38] RavenPhoenix Zenovka: ROFL
[17:38] You: lol
[17:38] Esme Qunhua: OHHHH
[17:38] You: that hurts
[17:38] Esme Qunhua: UGGHHHH
[17:38] You: go away
[17:38] Jeremy Braver: totally jk, William David
[17:39] Peregrin Meriman is Online
[17:39] Jeremy Braver: later gang
[17:39] Jeremy Braver is Offline
[17:39] Esme Qunhua: funny!
[17:39] You: Okay i'm stopping the recording lol
[17:39] Esme Qunhua: ha ha ha
[17:39] Esme Qunhua: goodnight
[17:40] You: nightnight
[17:40] You: :)
[17:40] Esme Qunhua: cute.
[17:40] Knowclue Kidd is Offline
[17:41] Esme Qunhua: Get;s in the way everytime
[17:41] Esme Qunhua: Esme is the quiet one. LOL
[17:41] Esme Qunhua: wait til you meet me.
[17:41] Esme Qunhua: I will talk in SA
[17:42] Esme Qunhua: Me too.
[17:42] Esme Qunhua: LOL
[17:42] Esme Qunhua: Yes you are just about my perfect mate.
[17:42] You: it's all good
[17:42] You: hahahahaa
[17:42] Esme Qunhua: ROFL
[17:42] You: i'm deleting the chat archive (jk)
[17:42] Esme Qunhua: Anything can happen in SL
[17:43] Esme Qunhua: nite
[17:43] You: gnite ya'll