I'd like to see you take more charge and say this is where we're going and this is what we're doing.

...vision is hands-on so the people can take something home with them. Some folks seem to be leaning toward making it more top-down, and we need to be doing more than discuss and discuss and discuss.

If we want to do the breakouts we should prepare enough as possible in advance for that.

One dedicated ethernet line. Perhaps bring a router.

If I'm given just a 10 minute open ended, I'll just watch it degrade into a two way q&a or conversation and the time'll be gone. I'd rather have a discreet task if possible to maximize the hands-on experience for the attendees.

I would hate for it to be her/him standing there telling us what she's doing

If we've got information that we want to share let's put it on the wiki. What the workshop should be is hands-on, experiential work.

"Keep the heart of what you started."