Note from Scott:

Nothing this wonderful could happen without its facilitators having numerous people to thank. I'm going to attempt to do so here.

Thanks to

  • wikispaces for the platform to make the collaboration and documentation possible
  • all our attendees for their interest in and patience with our unconventional process
  • my co-presenters for their exuberance, enthusiasm, and expertise
  • ISTE for NECC2008
  • Wagner James Au for his donation of an autographed copy of his stellar The Making of Second Life
  • Bernajean Porter for her donation of an autographed copy of her stellar Digi Tales, The Art of Telling Digital Stories
  • Lisa Shatz at Griffin Technology, for her immensely generous donation donation of Power.Play.Protect. bundles for every real-world attendee
  • Zivix, Inc. for the generous donation of our audio stream for folks inworld
  • University School of Nashville and the Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach for making it possible for me to attend NECC 2008
  • Marianne Malstrom, Cathy Walker, John Miller, Paul Wilde, April-Hope Wareham, Lyr Lobo and Claudia L'Amoreaux/Linden for duty above and beyond the call

I'm sure there are more and the beauty of wiki is that I can add them as soon as my feeble brain reminds me to thank them!