Sledupotential Sketch: 9 educators, 9 states, 3 hours, June 30, 2008, NECC2008

7-8:30: Early arrivals get help with basics. The goal is to have them sitting in a tie-died chair in the virtual room. Landmarks to that are at HQ, the Blogger’s Hut, Podcasters’ Place, and the NECC pavilion, as well as my own li’l space at Book Publishing Island. Tech set-up continues apace.

8:30: Formal welcome, ScottM emphasizes
  • Learner-driven intentions
  • This is an experiment in a number of ways
  • The wiki is a tool/resource we have used since day one and which we expect to continue to build today and into the future (basic wiki editing for those who need it) The Attendee Questions page
  • Your being here implies permission for use of your contributions for non-profit broadcast by any participant in any media, including a live audio feed for Second Life participants, podcasts, blogs, picture sets, etc.—any problems with that?
  • Multi-tasking is cool
9:00: Speed intros of panelists (ONE minute each).
I work/teach in the rw in/at:
My real life family consists of:
In Second Life my primary work has been:
8:50: What is Second Life? What is the 3D internet? What other platforms are there?
9:00: Who’s doing what in SL?
9:10: SL as PLN. What is your profile and how do you edit it? SLetiquette. Prims. Building. Objects and ownership. Inventory.
9:20: Explanation of breakouts: 3 of them, 18 minutes long, 2 min. transition. Suggested topics can be changed during this period. Each session will choose a moderator and open a text edit file and save it to their computer’s desktop. These will be copied and pasted into the “Breakout Reportouts” page of the wiki during reportouts. Suggested sessions: Further Basics, Other MUVES, Further (Deeper) Education Tours. Everyone does everything, changing the assigned time.
9:30 Breakout session 1
9:50 Breakout session 2
10:20 Breakout session 3
10:30 Reportouts and time to get notes posted to the wiki
10:40 WTF? Ethics, Relationships, Safety
10:55 ScottM reports out the history of the collaboration. Others chime on on how they felt about the grand experiment
11:00 Questions, answers, unfulfilled requests and demonstrations
11:20 Giveaways. Signed books for 1st and 2nd names drawn, iPod kits for all attendees.
11:30 BFN
Earlier notes:
Hey, ya'll, sorry for confusion about the last meeting.

Clare's set up a "poll" at my request. Please visit and weigh in on as many times as possible that may be okay for a weekly meeting of 10-59 minutes. These'll generally be informal and open-topic but I propose the next one be dedicated to you sharing your own opinion on general workshop design. Does the 10 min. "block" design work for you? If not, what do you propose?

The schedule is being hashed out on a Google Spreadsheet. Nothing is set until, oh, 8:30 on June 30 :), but the more we mess about with pre-plan, the better this will be. The Google spreadsheet is at

For the graphic minded (and this is actually really fun) check out the Gliffy playground. The wiki doesn't like that url for some reason, but it's there and ya'll have the url invite!

Let's meet. Inworld, at the Podcasters' hut--I've put a meeting pod there that can be programmed to return to the ground at a set number of minutes.-- How about 59 minutes on Thursday, December 27th, at 5 pm SL time? I will also set aside that time on the 28th. If anyone can't meet then I'll archive the chat, both in text and via Camstudio.

For this meeting, let's set a couple basic goals:

  • Set a deadline for locking down asynchrounously suggested topics/blocks for the 3 hour session (no order yet)
  • Record individual preferences for responsibilities leading topics/blocks as they may be already present
  • Make sure we have the right asynchronous tools to plan over the next several months
  • Set a time for meeting again
  • Anything else!? delete this and add here (maybe "lay out planning and production roles..", e.g., who wants to make sure sound works? who's going to be leading inworld? who wants to book the music :) .)

How about everyone look over the proposal (Proposal in sidebar at the wiki) before we meet?

I hope to see you one and all...