Sledupotential Sketch: 9 educators, 9 states, 3 hours, June 30, 2008, NECC2008

7-8:30: Early arrivals get help with basics. The goal is to have them sitting in a tie-died chair in the virtual room. Landmarks to that are at HQ, the Blogger’s Hut, Podcasters’ Place, and the NECC pavilion, as well as my own li’l space at Book Publishing Island. Tech set-up continues apace.

8:30: Formal welcome, ScottM emphasizes
• Learner-driven intentions
• This is an experiment in a number of ways
• The wiki is a tool/resource we have used since day one and which we expect to continue to build today and into the future (basic wiki editing for those who need it) The Attendee Questions page
• Your being here implies permission for use of your contributions for non-profit broadcast by any participant in any media, including a live audio feed for Second Life participants, podcasts, blogs, picture sets, etc.—any problems with that?
• Multi-tasking is cool
9:00: Speed intros of panelists (ONE minute each).
I work/teach in the rw in/at:
My real life family consists of:
In Second Life my primary work has been:
8:50: What is Second Life? What is the 3D internet? What other platforms are there?
9:00: Who’s doing what in SL?
9:10: SL as PLN. What is your profile and how do you edit it? SLetiquette. Prims. Building. Objects and ownership. Inventory.
9:20: Explanation of breakouts: 3 of them, 18 minutes long, 2 min. transition. Suggested topics can be changed during this period. Each session will choose a moderator and open a text edit file and save it to their computer’s desktop. These will be copied and pasted into the “Breakout Reportouts” page of the wiki during reportouts. Suggested sessions: Further Basics, Other MUVES, Further (Deeper) Education Tours. Everyone does everything, changing the assigned time.
9:30 Breakout session 1
9:50 Breakout session 2
10:20 Breakout session 3
10:30 Reportouts and time to get notes posted to the wiki
10:40 WTF? Ethics, Relationships, Safety
10:55 ScottM reports out the history of the collaboration. Others chime on on how they felt about the grand experiment
11:00 Questions, answers, unfulfilled requests and demonstrations
11:20 Giveaways. Signed books for 1st and 2nd names drawn, iPod kits for all attendees.
11:30 BFN

Scott Merrick (Scottmerrick Oh)-- Welcome/Intros, Building, Search, Groups, Blogs, Podcasts, Goodie giveaways

Scott Swanson (Kyle Thorn)--Other Platforms, MUVEs as teaching and learning environments

Lisa Linn (Clare Lane)--CUE (Computer Using Educators) work, new avatar help

Jane Wilde (Esme Qunhua)--Tours, ISTE Island

Vera Handford (RavenPhoenix Zenovka)--Inworld management and crowd control. Communication with inworld participants

KJ Hax--Teen Grid, Presentation Management, help of all kinds, grants

Peggy Sheehy (Maggie Marat)--Teen Grid, avatar basics instruction, grants and overcoming initial administrative objections

Susan Toth-Cohen (Zsuzsa Tomsen)--archival and in-conference help

Jeremy Koester (Jeremy Braver)--Gaming and Learning

The presentation is something we'll be working on up until, oh, like 30 minutes before the workshop. So there's plenty of time. I plan to invite other, non-presenting educators to join us here--a novel pre-conference approach that will be finalized just before the conference with a meeting, most likely inworld, between the presenters.

Meanwhile, have fun playing with it!!!


Presentation editor:

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Things we should cover (in no particular order):
(pasted this in 093007 from the Proposal page--still growing) (sgm)

  • Brief overview of MUVEs' development (timeline)
  • Linden Lab (NOTE:It is Linden "LAB" not Lab"s" (the "insiders" get very snotty about anyone who isn't savvy with this - it is always a bone of contention with the Lindens-just thought I'd point it out ps) excellent! (sgm)
  • Inworld efforts of educational and other organizations
  • ISTE Island
  • Noob Tips--avatar modification, clothing, currency, building, permissions, groups, chat, voice...
  • Teen Grid: brief tour of Ramapo Islands(ps)
  • Ascertain International Background check for Teen Grid Clearance Procedure (ps)**
  • The "voice/no-voice" debate
  • Blogs, Podcasts, Fansites, and Wikis dedicated to SL
  • Professional Development (Kathy S.? Others?-Peggy Sheehy )
  • SL classes inworld (TUI, other groups...)
  • The Hype and Reality of SL (stc)]
  • Ethical Issues in Second Life Teaching and Research (stc)
  • Voice presentations from remotely located experts will be an integral facet of the experience. If possible, an appearance by a "Linden" will allow attendees to ask questions (via the chat interface) Attendees will be invited to login to Second Life and explore along with us (multi-tasking encouraged!)
  • Immersion and presence - what virtual worlds offer and other on-line education environments don't (jw)
  • Creation - as a tool for learning (jw)