We didn't have time to share these during our 3 hours, but you know, as Peggy always asks,
"What are you doing right now?"

SLedupotential Building Activity Video posted by Norma Underwood

Lyr Lobo's fantastic slideshare presence ! Lyr was here!

Add machinima/video links here:

Inside the Lab Podcast features Claudia and Pathfinder Linden talking about Education in Second Life (062208)
and here's a .pdf of the transcript from the podcast--filled with hyperlinks to mentioned resources!

I have linked to this page at sleducation.ning.com, a social network I set up specifically (and only) for SL videos. Feel free to contribute, join, or just lurk. Any uploading/linking there will be appreciated: The goal is to have a "one-stop shop" for all videos that might help educators learn about, and explain to others, the potentials Second Life holds for teaching and learning. (sgm)

Alliance Library Interview -TG (LL)
Brief Tour of GK Island on TG (LL)
A Child's War GK TG Film (LL)
Crisis in Darfur with Mia Farrow (LL)
Education in Second Life Explore the Possibilities (LL)
Educational Uses of Second Life (LL)
Give Education a Second Life (LL)
GK History of Education in Teen SL (LL)
GK PSAs on Digital Media (LL)
History of Education in the Teen Grid (sgm)
Immersive Education Group Events
James Paul Gee on GK Island in Second Life (LL)
Jeff Lipsky, aka Filthy Fluno, about his art gallery in Second Life (sgm)
Kids building a Mars Colony using Edusim (sgm)
NJAET article: Making the MUVE to Virtual Education!
NMC Campus: Seriously Engaging (LL)
NOAA Virtual Island Tour
Quicktips from Torley Linden (sgm)
Ramapo! Suffern Middle School on TG (LL)
Science Learning Opportunities in Second Life
Scott Merrick and Jeremy Koester at NECC2007 in the SL Playground]]
Second Life: Education in a Virtual World--HVX Silverstar and Mica Braun (sgm)
A Second Life on Second Life (stc)
Sexual Health in Second Life (stc)
Top 10 YouTube Second Life Video Tutorials (sgm) NEW
Tour of Info Island / Second Life Libraries (LL)
Using Virtual Worlds for Business and Learning Claire Condra and panel, complete 100 slide presentation with audio (sgm)
Watch the World(s).(Starry Night) (LL)
ZeroG SkyDancers "Second Spring" ballet performance (sgm)

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