We'll shape this up to make it easy, but this'll be where the mid-session breakout moderators report out for all posterity!

Jeremy Koester (Jeremy Braver) and Scott Swanson (Kyle Thorne)
-Many MUVES (See menu on left), of which the most popular currently is World of Warcraft
-Second Life is different from other MUVES for several reasons:
  • not a game
  • everything created by users vs. having preset choices (e.g. for avatars, activities, and so forth
  • takes up much less space
Web 3.0 D
-good resource is We control (Georgia Institute of Technology)
-Interoperability is a key issue: we are moving (muving hehe) into a direction in which you can interface with multiple platforms simultaneously

Led by Jane Wilde (Esme Qunha)

Sites visited during the workhop session:

ISTE Island HQ - http://slurl.com/secondlife/ISTE%20Island/208/207/23

Biome - biology sim, walk into a drop of pond water on a giant telescope. http://slurl.com/secondlife/BIOME/142/171/34

Temiskyra - an Egyptian Temple. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Themiskyra/72/241/35

Camp Darfur - teleport from the landing point, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Better%20World/55/211/22 by clicking on the sign. The sign takes you to:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Better%20World/177/245/21

Starry Night - mainly 2 dimensional but has some 3 D art

Paris 1900 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Luctesa/110/129/25

Peggy Sheehy (Maggie Marat's) Tips

Profiles: A useful tool
-can share as much or as little as you wish
-provides a way to get information about the people you meet
-the 'notes' feature is also helpful for putting info such as "need to stay in touch with the person about x, y, z" or "ignore this person ;)"

Search tool: Most common mistake when using search is not using the proper tab. There are tabs for All, Places, Groups, etc--so if you are looking for a group but have the People tab up, the search will not pull up the group you are searching for (or any group for that matter, just people).


Lyr Lobo
(Dr Cynthia Calongne) Teaches SLedupotential How to Build

Building inworld at NECC

Cynthia/Lyr is fromColorado Technical University

Transcription of build instructions to make 1. a single prim stool and 2. from the single prim stool a single prim lamp.
1. Stool:
You: We are getting a tutorial in building from an expert developer
You: Click build
You: rez a tube on ground
You: In object screen change whole size from 1.0-0.25 to 1.0-0.5
You: Profile cut is next
You: change B to .25 to give a waist line
You: Now change Hollow to 80.0
You: Now you have a one prim stool
2. Lamp:
You: Now copy you stool
You: by clicking on red arrow and drag, while holding shift key
Someone else: Mine is not as tall as others.
You: Drag it out of the ground
You: by pulling up on the blue arrow.
You: Now twist begin and end
You: type 36 in each begin and end field
You: Now click on the Rotate radio button.
You: and you will see a globe with three colored lines around your build
You: Rotate along the red line so you upright your lamp
You: Now on the edit screen
You: check your rotation and change anything that is not an exact multiple of 90 (0, 90, 180, 270, 360)

Cynthia/Lyr's email is:Calongne@pcisys.net
Other info about Cynthia/Lyr:
- Has taught 9 university classes; finds this more challenging than working with kids ;)
-Runs events such as building classes
-Raises money
-lots of free stuff!
Lyr Lobo's fantastic slideshare presence

Farewell from the beach