Attendee Questions

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  • I hear that ISTE offers some room space for educators. Is this true?
    from RavenPhoenix: This is true! We have classroom and presentation space available on the main island which can be reserved by contacting Island Management by e-mail ( We also have parcels for rental on an annual basis. Currently, our rental spaces are full on Island 2, but more may be coming soon. Contact Island Management for more info.
  • Scott, What's the value to you of docenting at ISTE Island? I stay in touch with my friends and colleagues by docenting, and since I'm inworld frequently to maintain the two little buildings I manage, it makes sense that I would be cool with hanging around an hour or so a week to meet and greet both new folks and friends I have already known for (it seems like) ages. ISTE is my home location in Second Life and I have to say I love that. I consider SL an important part of my professional learning network. Docenting helps me serve and learn :)

  • An SL Mechanics question: What is mouselook at how is it useful?
    from Esme. The default view in SL is a third person view. You are looking at the world from behind and slightly above your avatar. Mouseview (achieved on a mac by pressing M) switches your view to first person. You cannot see your avatar's body. Some people prefer to travel in one view or the other. I prefer the third person (default) view but use mouse view often when I am flying or if I am trying to move through a tight space.
    From ScottM: I had never considered primarily using mouselook until I saw Lisa using it while we were manipulating the speaker avatars backstage for the closing keynote session. IMHO it seems best suited for visits to museums and art galleries than for general use...
    From Kyle Thorn: Mouselook is great for looking around a space when you want to "soak it in" immersively. Look up at the sky, down at the ground, spin around and feel like you're *there*. I do this whenever I want to be a gawky tourist at a new place. Then I switch back to third-person view to get stuff done. :-)

  • I have never attended anything in SL. I want to see how it is used in education, K-12 or higher ed. Can you recommend an event for me to attend?
    from Esme. There are many events occurring daily in SL. If you use the search button-Event-filtered for Education you will find many things, round table discussions, presentations, building classes (which are useful as a demo of hands on instruction even if you don't really want to learn to build). But there are also weekly events of particular interest at ISTE and DEN. Make sure you belong to both of these groups and you will get notices of the Tuesday speaker series (thanks to our own KJ Hax) at ISTE and Wednesday Workshops at Den.