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The tag for this session is n08s987. Final Beach Group Shot taken by Knowclue Kidd:


and one of the meeting room in Second Life by KJ Hax:


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Space in San Antonio was limited to 30 participants, not counting the 9 panelists and a few additional helpers we had on hand. Most participants reported that the event went extraordinarily well, although like all good innovations, it did not please everyone completely. Please see the "Thanks to..." page for some expressions of heartfelt gratitude. I hope that we can build on some of the lessons learned, and more importantly upon the excitement and passion of the panelists, to perhaps add a day-long event next year: It would be nice to have more time. Perhaps we can even afford to schedule a break or two!

Scott's flickr set of pics, taken by April-Hope, is here. Search n08s987 for more!

At ISTE's request we held a Birds-of-a-Feather session called "Second Life and Virtual Worlds" the same day as SLedupotential, at local time 4:45-5:45, most likely in the Second Life Playground at the conference center. Co-presenters for that session, which centered nicely on "Second Life as Professional Learning Network," were paddleurowncanoe Dibou, JS Vavoom, Giannina Rossini, and Professor Merryman--the last two inworld from their rl locations in London and Kobe, respectively. The search tag for that event is n08s350.

There was hefty activity at "Virtual NECCers" at the ning!

Here's the Official NECC 2008 session description:
"SLedupotential: Educational Potential of Second Life and Virtual
Workshop: Hands-on
MA307 SLedupotential: Educational Potential of Second Life and Virtual Environments [Workshop : Hands-on] (42047811)
Scheduled: Monday, 6/30/2008, 8:30am–11:30am
Location: TBA mid-May

This is the place. This wiki is where the development will continue to develop. As Scott M mentioned early on, this is an experiment, this vigorous collaborating to teach and learn about collaboration. What he said but perhaps did not emphasize quite enough, is that it's an experiment that by design does not have an end.


ISTE Island panorama